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Meet The New Kids ... About Us!

Twisted Shamrock Studios & Spa Owner Massage Therapist Master Esthetician Personal Trainer Kristin


Owner / Licensed Massage Therapist / Licensed Master Esthetician /

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

The Spa's Superchick with Far-Out Facials & Boss Bodywork! 

✌️☮️ This ain't your mama's spa, baby! Kristin, a groovy GenXer with over a decade of rockin' the spa, fitness, and wellness scene, is here to shake things up! Tired of the same old, same old, she created Twisted Shamrock Studios & Spa – a place where facials and massages get a funky twist!

Think lava lamps instead of lavender, and far-out tunes pumpin' instead of waterfall sounds. Ditch the fluffy robe dreams and get ready for a spa experience that'll blow your mind (and maybe your platform shoes!).

Kristin's a total powerhouse – a licensed massage therapist, master esthetician, AND a certified personal trainer and nutritionist! She's your one-stop shop for lookin' and feelin' fantastic from head to toe.

Need a facial that'll make your skin glow brighter than a disco ball? Kristin digs functional skincare and gettin' you results you can see. Achin' from a workout or everyday life? She's a boss at therapeutic and sports massages, including prenatal, lymphatic, and trigger point/muscle release therapy. Say goodbye to pain and hello to feelin' far out again!

Call or message Kristin today and book your groovy getaway! It's time to ditch the aches and get ready to feelin' like a million bucks, baby! ✌️☮️

Therapeutic & Fitness Services Lead/

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist / Cryo Ice Sculpting Specialist

The Groovy Guru of Getting Fit & Focused! 

✌️☮️ Two decades in the fitness game, baby! Dara's no newbie – she's a certified personal trainer, sports nutrition coach, and strength & flexibility guru with over 20 years of experience in the wellness world.   She's all about helping you reach your fitness goals, especially if you're a young athlete lookin' to dominate the game!

Forget dusty old workouts, Dara's all about keepin' things fresh and funky. Think disco ball for your fitness – classic moves with a groovy twist!  But that's not all! This 2nd-degree black belt also instructs karate at Mahato Karate in Claymont, DE, so she knows a thing or two about discipline and focus.

Dara believes in training the mind and body as a team. She'll help you conquer your goals, improve flexibility with assisted stretch therapy, and even sculpt your physique with Cryo Ice Sculpting (a cool way to target fat cells, literally!).   Leave yesterday in the dust and crush it TODAY with Dara! Call or message now and book your groovy fitness revolution – it's gonna be a blast from the past with results for the future!  ✌️☮️

Therapeutic and fitness services lead Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Dara


Massage Therapist and Spray Tan Artist Alicia


Licensed Massage Therapist / Stretch therapist &

 spray tan specialist 

The Far Out Fixer of Funky Backs & Groovy Glows!


✌️☮️ Forget the disco ball tension, meet Alicia, the cornerstone of our massage therapy team!  This boss babe's been rockin' the healthcare scene for 12 years, but her passion lies in helping folks one-on-one. Turns out, her mom (wise woman!) knew best – Alicia has the magic touch for massage! ✨

Since graduating massage school in 2019, Alicia's become a whiz at therapeutic services. Think deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and massages so smooth they'll blow your mind (and maybe your platform shoes!). ‍ She's all about helping you manage pain, conquer injuries, and feelin' like a million bucks.

Alicia's even helped our spa snag some groovy awards – Best Spa, Best Massage, AND Best Spray Tanning in Delco 2023!  That's right, she can help you unwind, get that summer glow, and leave feeling totally far out!

So ditch the disco ball stress and book a session with Alicia today! She also offers assisted stretching, spray tanning, and body scrub/wrap treatments. Call or message now and get ready to feel fantastic, baby!  ✌️☮️

Licensed Master Esthetician / Spray Tan Expert / Cryo Ice Sclpting Specialist

The Bee's Knees Brows & Beyond!

The Other Twisted Sister Has Arrived! 

✌️☮️ Want to ditch the fuzz and have brows on fleek? Then Lori's your queen bee!

This licensed master esthetician has been buzzin' around the spa world for over a decade, accumulating a wealth of experience! Specializing in waxing, advanced skincare, brows & lashes, and spray tans, Lori's got you covered from head to toe (and tan lines!).


Need a glow up faster than you can say "daisy duke"? Lori's your gal. Results are her game (and she might secretly own a beehive hairdo!), but making you feel like a million bucks is her top priority. So come on down and get ready for a spa experience that'll leave you feelin' groovy, baby! ✨

That's right, the Twisted Shamrock Studios & Spa crew just got a whole lot bee-tter (see what we did there?) Lori's joined the fam as our resident brow and beauty queen, and we're buzzing with excitement! With over 2 decades in the spa & wellness field, Lori brings a hive full of knowledge and expertise. So ditch the brow woes and fuzzy upper lip, because Lori's here to transform you!✌️☮️




Welcome To Our House! 

Working in the community ...

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