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Mix Tape: Vol. 1

The ultimate collection of our "Greatest Hits" features all of our best services in an easy to use variety package! 

You can customize your package by selecting 30, 60 or 90 minutes ... then 6 or 12 sessions! Our Best of Collection features ... massage, stretch therapy, corrective exercise / personal training, traditional or Cryo Facial, *spray Tanning & Cryo Ice Sculpting Body Slimming! 

mix it up or keep it the same each visit! You Get full control of your wellness plan with our "Mix Tape: Vol. 1" package!

Our 6 session packages offer a 15% discount & 12 sessions offer a 20% Discount off of our Single session pricing!

Package sessions DO NOT expire ... you can use multiples in your visit to the spa ... & we even let you share with your family / friends at no extra charge!  

Pick out your plan by clicking on a cassette tape below
& book your appointment with us TODAY!


Click the image of the package you like best to purchase online! (*Spray Tanning only offered on 30 min packages)

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