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Spa logo is a cassette tape with the ribbon spelling out the name Twisted Shamrock Studios & Spa.

est. 2022

A retro spa experience for the “Average Joe & Jane”!
Meet the next evolution of RECOVERY & RELAXATION


Still rockin' a Walkman? Your body needs a modern tune-up! Relax & recover with us! 

Remember dial-up screams, neon lights, and thinking Tamagotchis were, like, totally our besties? Yeah, time warps, dude. And our bodies haven't exactly kept up with the latest dance craze (is it still the Macarena?).

Neck's a mess from scrolling Insta? Back screaming from wrangling rugrats? Don't worry ... we totally feel ya!

Twisted Shamrock Studios & Spa is your ticket to chillville, with a rad retro vibe. We're not your typical fancy-schmancy spa, it's "Cheers!" vibes all around. We know your name, and your massage! Our services are totally customized to your bod, not some pre-fab program. ✌️

Ditch the aches and pains with our bodacious treatments:

  • Massage: Deep tissue or Swedish, we'll untangle those knots like a Rubik's Cube master.

  • Facials: Glow brighter than a neon sign, not a disco ball. ✨

  • Stretch Therapy: Unwind like a twisted cassette tape (remember those?).

  • Corrective Exercise: Get outta pain and back to your groove (breakdancing optional).

  • Plus: Spray tans, cryotherapy, nutrition – we've got it all!

Twisted Shamrock Studios & Spa is the place for the "Average Joe & Jane." No judgment, just good vibes and results you can see (and feel!).

Come hang, relax, and meet the next evolution of recovery & relaxation!

P.S. Bringing back Blockbuster might be tricky, but we're totally down for a good throwback playlist!


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est. 2022

Give The Gift of Retro Relaxation & Recovery!

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*Gift Card offers, discounts, promotions and specials cannot be combined with each other, or other spa offers, discounts, promotions and specials. Promotions expire online 11:59 p.m. 3/10/23. Promotion available online only.


Chadds Ford Spa Hours

Sunday: 10a-4p
Monday: 10a-6p
Tuesday: 10a-6p
Wednesday: 10a-6p
thursday: 10a-6p
Friday: 10a-5p

Saturday: 10a-4p


16 Wilmington W. Chester Pike
Chadds Ford, Pa 19317

Aston Spa Hours

Sunday: 3P-7p
Monday: 3P-7p
Tuesday: 3P-7p
Wednesday: 10a-2p
thursday: 10a-4p
Friday: 10a-7p

Saturday: 3P-7p

SCHEDULE FOR: 2/1/24-2/29/24

3100 Dutton Mills Rd (Rinks 3 & 4)
Aston, Pa 19014

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